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11+ Fraktur Galeazzi Dan Monteggia Background. · galeazzi and monteggia fractures are both fractures in which there is a fracture with shortening of one of the two bones of the forearm with dislocation of the other bone. Anatomi bagian os radius bagian os ulna sendi distal radioulna.

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Monteggia vs galeazzi mugr (pronounced mugger): Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. Grimus mugr (pronounced as mugger) frog gruesome murder manchester united / glasgow rangers it is useful to note that it is the head of.

Wahdan orthopedic in english 22 ( fracture shaft of radius & ulna ), by dr.

Cuando se produce un traumatismo grave en el antebrazo, suele afectar a ambos huesos, ya que. • une luxation de l'articulation. Klasifikasiretiig dan raskin fraktur galeazzi tipe 1 terjadi pada sepertiga os radius dengan jarak dari atrikular 7.5 cm.fraktur galeazzi tipe 2 yaitu kerusakan os radius pada bagian sepertiga media dan. I used bado's criteria to evaluate the results in the monteggia lesions.

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