20+ Transformers 4 Lockdown Ship Background

20+ Transformers 4 Lockdown Ship Background. Is the toy as sleek as the car itself? He captures everything he tracks, collecting his prizes in his massive ship.

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Within the spot, lockdown is shown emerging from the water in a marsh, standing over optimus prime, and aboard one of the enemy ships seen causing massive destruction. Lockdown es un personaje ficticio perteneciente al universo de transformers. Lockdown is the new villain in transformers 4:

Se trata de un alienígena cybertroniano, que trabaja como un pirata cazarrecompensas que opera al mejor postor, por lo que no posee afiliación con ninguno de los bandos reconocidos dentro del universo transformer.

Age of extinction lockdown returns to capture optimus and the dinobots, using a large magnet in his ship that picks up and drops metal objects. As we are drawing nearer and nearer to the release of the new transformer 4 : Age of extinction lockdown's weapon modeling works by cg atist based in california: Transformers 4 kayıp çağ filmi transformers serisinin çıkmış olan son filmidir ve otobotların teknolojisini çözmüş olan insanlar kendi robotlarını yaptılar.

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