21+ World Aids Day 2020 Rock The Ribbon Pics

21+ World Aids Day 2020 Rock The Ribbon Pics. What are you waiting for? World aids day, designated on 1 december every year since 1988, is an international day dedicated to raising awareness of the aids pandemic caused by the spread of hiv infection and mourning.

Aids: Giornata mondiale alla lotta contro il virus dell'HIV
Aids: Giornata mondiale alla lotta contro il virus dell'HIV from metropolitanmagazine.it

This world aids day, the forum of international respiratory societies (firs), of which gold is a founding member, is calling on governments, health tb is the leading cause of death among those with hiv/aids worldwide, accounting for about one in three deaths, according to the 2020 unaids. It is observed on december 1st by private. The idea of a world aids day was first mooted in 1987 by two public health officials working in the world apart from that, the white house has also started displaying a large aids ribbon on its building since.

This year's campaign is rock the ribbon together.

People around the world unite to show support for people living with and affected by hiv and to remember those who lost their lives to aids. World aids day is used to celebrate on the 1st december to make every people understand the causes, effects, symptoms, cure, and prevention of aids. What is the theme for world aids day 2020? It is also a day for people to unite together against the virus, commemorate those who have died and show their support for people who may currently have the disease.

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