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Get Monolithic Dome Interior Pics. If you ask me, they sure make for an interesting tiny house solution. Monolithic, the company that designed the dome, also sells floor plans for tiny cabinlike domes, which could be.

Compromise or the Best of Two Worlds? | Monolithic Dome ...
Compromise or the Best of Two Worlds? | Monolithic Dome … from

Paperback, color front and back interior black and white over 240 illustrations 148 pages. Therefore, the architect created decor and imagination that continues to grow. In addition, curved surfaces in the interior of the dome require adjustment of the entire interior design and furnishings.

Now, more than ten years later, i think they're still pretty cool!

I am considering building a monolithic dome and i though some people here may be interested. But there are notable exceptions to this, and the interior can be furnished and customized in a virtually limitless number of ways. A monolithic dome is a rounded building structure typically made of concrete and ridged steel rods. Monolithic dome survives hurricane irma (

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